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A Photographic Chronology

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James Lorusso - A Photographic Chronology
At the end of the same Manhattanville concert as the previous picture. I will always remember this concert for the following reasons: 1.) It was only the second time I played a 6 string guitar and a 10 string guitar in the same concert. The last time I did that was in 1984. 2.) It was probably the biggest crowd for a full solo recital in a local venue, that I ever had (not counting my N.Y. Debut which was bigger). They had to turn people away at the door because they would have broken fire laws if they allowed any more in. People were actually standing all along the back wall, the room was packed. 3.) My sister was there, who isn't particularly into classical guitar but just came because I'm her brother. Probably the last concert of mine she came to was my New York debut. At least she comes to the big ones, and I really appreciate that! 4.) The most important reason: my mother was there and really enjoyed it, and enjoyed seeing some of my friends that she hadn't seen in a long time. She also wasn't into classical guitar, although she did grow to like certain pieces over the years. I think she also needed to see me as successful in what I had been doing for so many years, when to her it seemed it was going nowhere. I really believe God gave her that experience, because two weeks to the day after this concert she died.
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