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A Photographic Chronology

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James Lorusso - A Photographic Chronology
Wedding at Montauk Point, Long Island, NY circa 1989. This has a bit of a funny story behind it. The bride was a model and almost everyone at this event was also a model, they were all handsome and gorgeous, we almost felt ugly!! Anyway she said "I want everything at this wedding to look flowey". She had never seen me since we only spoke by phone, and she wanted to make sure I wouldn't slick back my hair. I thought this was really funny because I have always had very light fly away hair, which is everything but slicked back (although I may have tried doing that in high school). She then said something like "do you have a shirt with puffy sleeves" and I said NO! She really wanted this shirt so, MaryAnn had all these Russian blouses with puffy sleeves, but they looked too much like blouses on me. MaryAnn came up with an idea, "let's just try this" she said and proceeded to put this blouse on me backwards, so the buttons were on the back. It also made the collar look a bit priestly but it somehow looked right this way. I spent the whole day positioning myself in a way that nobody could see behind me. Years later there was an episode of Seinfeld about a puffy shirt. When we see this picture we refer to this as the "puffy shirt" gig!
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